What is Generosity publishing?

YOU! You are the driving force and support of generosity publishing that lets authors such as me create content for you full time. For just a small donation from enough people, I can survive and spend unlimited time researching, data mining, and creating the kinds of presentations that you desire. Just as I’ve been doing for the last 35 years!

In our Information Age, seekers of knowledge, data, and images have benefited tremendously from the ease and quantity of published material. But, please note…it’s the ease and quantity but not necessarily the QUALITY of information that has become abundant. In fact, with the big tech manipulation of data collected on you and the rest of us, search engines and the companies that profit from them have grossly – if not obscenely – manipulated the data collected on us to the point where they shamelessly show you whatever search results that benefits them – not you – via sophisticated algorithms. To be blunt, they almost entirely ignore your specific key word/phrase searches.

Thus, most of your favorite authors must now rely on grass roots/organic efforts to spread new information that we create and collate. It used to be that a publisher would do a small pressing of your book, for example…sell it abroad and it would take years before the initial investment was recovered. That reality is compounded against self published authors. For example, my popular tome, “Book of Coral Propagation” cost $125,000 USD to print just one pressing. It sold out in 2 years and my profit was barely $20,000 dollars. Most of us self-publishers aren’t exactly wealthy…so coming up with a six-figure investment alone is a yeoman’s chore. But to then wait years for deferred profits that don’t even amount to a minimum wage for the time it took to write the book…is…well, untenable.

But with generosity publishing, we creators float our work for free to interested minds like you. Instead of being personally taxed to self print, store, market, sell, and recover the hefty investment of a pressing we have hope and faith that small donations will not only keep us employed in shared admiration of the content we all love…but more importantly, more people get to read and share the works!

We’ve made an effort here to provide a trove of very unique data, stories and images in a massive free library. Won’t you please help us continue with any small donation that you can afford if you appreciate the offerings?

In shared admiration of the sea, Anthony Rosario Calf

Photo by David Clode @ Unsplash

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