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Albeit virtual, kick off your shoes and sit in the shade for a relaxing sojourn down a magnificent rabbit hole of love for the arts, nature, science, and philosophy…and an overall trove of information for students of Life. This is an organized brain dump of author, world traveler, and mentor Anthony Rosario Calfo.

Here we have collated a lifetime of images, ideas, articles, books, journals, posters and more! And the overwhelming majority of this Library is free in the shared love of education and information exchange. There are opportunities to buy affordable new releases on occasion…if this eccentric, grizzled auteur doesn’t just throw caution to the wind again and keep releasing everything for free.

Anthony has not only spent a lifetime in the service of education, but he’s a pioneer in the specific study of aquatic science. His first authored tome, The Book of Coral Propagation, was the very first publication of its kind and has been sold in nearly 100 countries in the last twenty years! He’s travelled the world many times over…lecturing in over 30 countries and now more than 1000 cities. He’s volunteered decades of his life mentoring beloved friends in shared admiration of the sea with over 30,000 posts in multiple languages on special interest forums. Mr. Calfo was invited by agents for the Queen of Tonga to develop a project of reef restoration and development for a stronger fishery to help feed the impoverished citizens of the last uncolonized nation on the planet! Similarly, after the last devastating Tsunami that took many tens of thousands of lives in Sri Lanka during a civil war…Anthony made a beeline to the gorgeous island nation under threat of violence from rebels and government alike to also develop and restore fisheries to feed the impoverished coastal denizens. Read more about these endeavors and so much more in the Library collection of photo Journals (“C…The Journal of Aquatic Science, Travel, and Adventure”…each with a country-specific theme) and the photo archives.

As a reef keeper, his research led him to create one of the first inland coral farms known to man. Despite modern claims from others about “discovering” coral farming in 2012…Mr Calfo had established a model for inland coral culture in the early 1990s and had a fully established coral farm by 1995. It’s been documented in photos and print to the chagrin of public servants who’d like to take credit for the hard work of so many pioneers before them.

And so…after you skip the light fandango through material that piques your interest on our site, you will always have the opportunity to communicate directly to query, quiz, debate, or otherwise stretch your mind with your host. With references, as you like, Anthony does quick consults, formal consults (such as the evaluation of business plans) and frankly anything you like to talk about in exploration of a higher understanding of the things we good people of the world love.

Above all, you will find this Library to be somberly respectful of how precious life is…not the least of which is your time spent here. Life is beautiful and this evolution of scholarly exploration aims to gently remind us all that life is indeed beautiful beyond what words alone can convey. To that end, be sure to explore the image collection as a blissfully wordless immersion in the Creation as another means of expanding your love, conscience, and mindfulness of the grand wonder that is truly in every niche of our spinning rock. Visit often and take as freely as you like, or spread the good word and share us vocally! We’d love your company in any way that suits you. But never forget how special you are and how special we all can be. It may not be obvious to you…but then, does the Sun, the stars, or a supernova know how brilliant they are? May peace be with you always.

With kindest regards,

Anthony Rosario Calfo

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I've always been very impressed with the amount of knowledge Anthony has not only ascertained but shared. I've had much more success as a hobbyist and home based coral farmer. Thank you!

John Doe


We hired Anthony as a consultant in our mariculture and aquaculture facilities and saw a 25% increase in productivity, 10% decrease in waste, and more sustainable growth and 15% higher profits in 1 year.

Dave Black


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John Doe


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